SA Sports crossbows

Some of the country's best bow selection is available here.

A young man named Jerichohad buck fever during his first ever bow hunt. His heart was beating fast and he was shaking. A wide 8-point was standing just twenty yards away. This was his first time using a crossbow in action. And the results were just amazing.

The Challenge of Bowhunting

Hunters who spot and stalk have a great challenge because deer have great senses and both deer and turkey can seemingly see anything that moves within a hundred yards. Our only advice would be to wear camouflaged clothing, use scent elimination products and use SA Sports equipment with a proven track record for accuracy and durability.

Powerful Crossbows

SA Bows Draw Weight Scope Speed
Ambush 150 Lb Compound Crossbow 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope 285 FPS
Crusader 225lb Draw Weight 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope 330+FPS
Vendeta 200LB Draw Weight Illuminated Multi Range 4x32 Scope 375+ FPS
Ripper 185lb Draw Weight 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope 340FPS

Practice Makes Perfect!

There is no substitute for practice and having confidence that you can hit the target at a particular distance. I practice in 10-yard increments out to 50 yards and use a rangefinder out in the field. Once you know HOW to shoot and hit what you are aiming at, then you need to know where to place your shot.

WHERE to place the shot is a matter of prior knowledge or gained education and experience. Shot placement is even more critical when you hunt with a bow. If you have hunted all your life, you probably know WHERE to place the shot. I don’t like to shoot anywhere but behind the shoulder in the vital lung/heart area of a deer. If you don’t know where to place the arrow, educate yourself. Ask an experienced hunter, read hunting magazines and watch hunting segments of successful bow hunts.

WHEN to shoot, in my mind, is only when the deer is broadside and WHEN you have a clear shooting lane so nothing will deflect the arrow.

WHEN to hunt is anytime you legally can. Should you hunt out of a blind and/or over bait? There has been a lot of debate over the years but each allows the hunter the time and place to make a proper shot at a distance that he/she can accommodate. Bowhunting can become a passion whether you release an arrow or not. Just knowing that you are close enough that you COULD release an arrow, now that is a rush. As Sonny Cleere told me recently, “I picked up a bow years ago and haven’t used a gun since.” Bowhunting is an art. Get to know your bow as well as any other tool. Learn everything you can about your quarry – the whitetail deer. Learn to conceal your scent, yourself and your movements. Learn how to get close and you’ll have one real advantage over the gun hunter. Unless you fill your tags first, you can hunt for three months instead of two.


SA Sports Crank Cocking Device - The Crank will fit directly onto the Ambush via the dovetail on the rear stock, utilizing the clamp on bracket the device will adapt to the Vendetta, Crusader, and Ripper. Reduces the draw weight under 10LBS, slides off dovetail when not in use.

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Grab your gun, crossbow, compound bow, and hit the woods (or grab your clubs and hit the links) The Raptor 6x20mm pocket sized rangefinder is just the ticket for negotiating those tricky distances that can sometimes be very way off what our deceptive naked eye would lead us to believe. 6 X Magnification 20mm Lens LCD Display 800 Yard Range (Max Range - Reflective Surfaces) Auto Shut Off

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